Ideas for Bespoke Kitchen Cabinets

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At Ebberns, we’ve found that the kinds of kitchen people enjoy spending time in are the ones that are personalized, meeting their every needs and tastes. As a feature of your kitchen that not only serves a very important purpose but also takes up a lot of room and visual space in your kitchen, it is critical that the kitchen cabinets you choose are of the highest quality and are made bespoke in order to give you full satisfaction.

As a leading provider of bespoke kitchens, our expert team are able to deftly craft and design your kitchen for you personally from scratch; at Ebberns we know a thing or two about personalising kitchen cabinets. Therefore, in this month’s article we’ll be going over some of our top ideas for bespoke kitchen cabinets so you can make the most informed decision possible.

Shaker Cabinets

Shaker designs are characterised primarily by their simple style, and as such shaker styles have become a staple of modern kitchen cabinet designs. The plain, square design most people associate with shaker styles has been vastly expanded upon over the last two centuries, now being far more imaginative than the original concept.

Shaker Kitchen design

Whatever type of shaker style you go for, though, you’ll want to use only the best quality materials for your cabinets. Strong, prominent woods will provide all the aesthetics you’ll need. Ebberns specialise in providing excellent bespoke cabinetry that can meet these style demands, so be sure to get in touch with us today to discuss redesigning your kitchen.

Functional Cabinets

Striking the right balance between functionality and aesthetic quality can be a hard one to achieve, but with our ideas for functional cabinetry you can do just that. Designers try to blend the two together, working to conserve space as much as possible in the process. Some ways you could increase functionality include, but are not limited to, installing:

  • Toe-kick drawers below your cabinets
  • Pullout shelving
  • Lazy Susans
  • Extra containers or drawers above or below your cabinets


Modern, Hi-Tech Innovations

The technological field is advancing at an ever quickening pace, and it’s important that you ensure your kitchen keeps up with the times. Utilise modern, hi-tech innovations to make your kitchen experience the best it can be, with built-in charging stations, hands-free functionality of kitchen appliances and tablet holders that swing from the underside of your cabinets being just some of the ways you can embrace our techno-centric age.

Neutrally Coloured Cabinetry

While it might seem like a great idea to go for the most extravagant colours you can, you may come to regret it further down the line should you wish to sell your home. Painted cabinetry can be expensive to repeal if you want to get back to its neutral wood base, and just because you like the style doesn’t mean potential buyers will appreciate it too. Neutral colours give you more to work with in other areas of your kitchen in addition to making your home easier to sell.

Ebberns provide bespoke bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms to the Hemel Hempstead and Watford area and beyond. We also offer an expert plumbing service tailored to your needs; our 30 years of experience means we can always recommend the best radiators and boilers for your home. To find out more, contact our friendly team today.

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