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The benefits of tile flooring

Posted on: 29th September 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Tile floors are an attractive option which can complement and enhance any style of room, from minimalist dining rooms to rustic kitchens and nautical bathrooms. Their adaptability and aesthetic appeal have helped them maintain popularity over time, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing tile flooring for your home.   Longevity Tiles are a strong and hard-wearing flooring option. Their resilience makes them ideal for high traffic areas and you won’t have to worry about them getting worn or shabby looking, as you would with carpet or laminate, for example. Tiles are, in…

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How to increase your bathroom storage

Posted on: 24th August 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Storage is always in demand, no matter what the size of your bathroom. With such a wide array of health and beauty products, medicines, towels and more, often finding their home in the bathroom, it is unsurprising good storage is a necessity. To avoid cluttering the space – particularly in smaller rooms – perfecting the balance of out of sight and accessible is also key. With this in mind, we have put together some useful ways you can create extra storage space in your bathroom. Shelving Fitting extra shelves in your bathroom can be a fantastic way to create some extra…

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The ideal home office for the media freelancer

Posted on: 25th July 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

As a media freelancer you may think that working on the go, wherever and whenever, is standard. However, many people underestimate the increased efficiency and productivity a designated office space can bring. A worry can be that you will become shackled to your desk, but a good home office which is designed with your exact needs and wants in mind will only help you work more fruitfully. Here are some of our top recommendations and considerations for designing a home office that is ideal for a media freelancer. Layout Starting with the basics, the layout of your home office will greatly…

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Types of kitchen worktop

Posted on: 26th June 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

The worktop in a kitchen is a focal point which can influence the style and feel of the whole room. Not only is this feature aesthetically important, it is one of the most regularly used parts of a kitchen, needing to withstand all forms of food preparation and tough cleaning. When choosing a new kitchen worktop, it is, therefore, crucial you choose a material that you really love and that will meet all your culinary requirements. To help you better understand some of the different materials available, we have put together some useful information about popular types of worktop. Natural granite…

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How to keep your bathroom tiles clean

Posted on: 24th May 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Once you’ve worked up the courage to give your bathroom a thorough, deep clean, it is understandable that you will want to keep it pristine for as long as possible. Our top tips for keeping your bathroom tiles clean for longer are: 1 – Use a water repellant 2 – Use an extractor fan, or open the window 3 – Clean up mess as you go along 4 – Carry out a quick, post-shower clean 5 – Hang up towels These small and simple everyday tasks can be a huge help for maintaining a clean bathroom. Here’s some more detail for…

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How to clean your bathroom tiles

Posted on: 20th April 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Cleaning your bathroom is a task few people look forward to. However, to keep the space looking fresh and inviting it is important to tackle the grime that a room often filled with moisture inevitably brings. The longer you put off a good clean, the more dirt will build up and the harder the clean will eventually be. It is likely that bathroom tiles will be a large feature in the room and therefore can vastly influence the look of the whole space – if the tiles look grotty, your whole bathroom will suffer and, conversely, sparklingly clean tiles can lift…

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5 top tips for designing a bedroom

Posted on: 22nd March 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Your bedroom is the most personal room of your home; it is therefore a space which can reflect your individuality and somewhere you can be as creative as you wish. The functionality of the bedroom still has to be considered but, with proper planning, this doesn’t have to dictate the style of the room. Here are 5 tips which will help you effectively design and make the most of your bedroom. Do your research It’s a good idea to accumulate some of your favourite bedroom looks before you start to pick out anything from colour schemes to storage. You can get…

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Signs it is time for a new bathroom

Posted on: 27th February 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

The bathroom can often be a room which is overlooked, despite the fact it is used every day. It should be a space which you enjoy to be in rather than just tolerate. As this can be a blindspot for many homeowners, we have put together some key signs that it is time for your bathroom to get a refresh. Your needs are changing If your bathroom no longer easily meets your requirements, it is a good time to consider a revamp. Common changes in circumstance are new additions to the family or reduced mobility through age. If your family is…

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Which Kitchen Layout Should I Choose?

Posted on: 20th January 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Whether you’ve recently moved home, had an extension or simply want a breath of fresh air in your home, a full kitchen redesign could be just the thing you’re looking for. Perhaps the most important aspect of your redesign is the layout you choose, which is why this month we’re going to look at the different kitchen layouts available, advising on the merits of each. One-Wall Kitchens The most basic kitchen layout you could choose is what is known as a one-wall layout. In this design, all of the major components of your kitchen will be found along a single wall…

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Home Design Trends 2017

Posted on: 22nd December 2016 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

A new year doesn’t only mean a new you – it also means new fashion and trends are set too throughout all walks of life. If you’re looking to reinvent yourself and your home for 2017, here you’ll find a list of the best upcoming design trends for the new year. Upholstered Headboards Make a Return There are a whole host of bedroom designs to choose from out there, but one of the most characteristic trends expected to make a return in 2017 is upholstered headboards. These designs give a standout, luxurious and welcoming atmosphere to a bedroom. Fabric headboards complete…

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