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Traditional Kitchen Designs

Posted on: 31st March 2015 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

The primary function of a kitchen is as a place to prepare, cook and enjoy food. While this is a given, it should also be a space where visitors are welcomed into your home to enjoy the comfort of conversation and delicious dishes. The kitchen is an exceptionally flexible and versatile space, where furniture designed for other rooms can be integrated into the space seamlessly. For example, an antique bookcase cabinet can be utilised to display fragile tableware. Whatever your personal taste, the kitchen provides plenty of scope for design individuality and freedom. Whether you are opting for a rustic country…

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Designing a Home Office

Posted on: 25th February 2015 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

When designing a home office, there must be a balance of comfort and efficiency, as an office interior which is too laid-back may stand in the way of tasks being completed. The style of your office must allow you to separate yourself from the temptations in your home so you can concentrate on your work without any interruptions or distractions. Our experts at Ebberns have compiled a list of top tips when setting up a home office to create a practical workspace. Before carrying out any work you need to consider what type of work you’ll be doing in the space,…

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Inspirational Tiles Series Part 3 – Living Room Tiles

Posted on: 20th January 2015 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

For the final section of our ‘Inspirational Tiles’ 3-part series, this article will give you an insight into a few of the most innovative living room tiling designs. While the other two parts have focused on inspirational use of tiling for the walls in your kitchen and bathroom, this article will discuss how creative use of floor tiling in your living room can transform the space. When choosing new flooring for your living room, tiles may not be at the top of your list. However, in a contemporary home, ceramic, slate or traditional stone tiles can create a truly impressive look….

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Inspirational Tiles Series Part 2 – Kitchen Tiling

Posted on: 19th December 2014 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Inspirational tiling can make a dramatic statement throughout the home and is ideal for any kitchen design, delivering on both practicality and style. The look of the tiles, the materials they are made from and the order in which they are arranged can all contribute to making your kitchen a more aesthetically appealing space. Colour In Traditional Kitchens If the interior of your home exudes class and elegance, then a neutral coloured palette of warm earthy tones is the perfect option to suit the rest of your property. The simplicity of authentic stone or stone-effect tiles allows for a minimalistic look…

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Inspirational Tiles Series Part 1 – Bathroom Tiling

Posted on: 28th November 2014 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Part 1 of our ‘Inspirational Tiles’ series covers bathrooms. Part two delves into inspirational kitchen tiles. Part three arrives in the new year and discusses how to use tiles effectively in your living room. The hygienic and water-resistant qualities of tiling makes it an ideal choice from bathrooms in both domestic homes and commercial properties. Their fresh appearance and easy to wipe surface makes bathroom tiles a stylish, low maintenance option. Furthermore, tiles can add value to a bathroom and offer some unique finishes which other materials, such as wallpaper or paint, cannot match. From ceramic or porcelain to travertine or slate,…

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Bathroom Sale: Up to 60% Off Throughout October

Posted on: 6th October 2014 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

For savings of up to 60% on an extensive range of bathroom fixtures, fittings and designs, look no further than the impressive bathroom sale currently running here at Ebberns. Such is the quality and selection available on sale that it is possible to construct a fresh, full bathroom suite made up entirely of sale products. This event consists of two sales running simultaneously, both of which offer functional and stylish bathroom designs and items specially created by 6 of the top bathroom manufacturers: Crosswater Simpsons Bauhaus Burlington Britton Clearwater As one of the UK’s leading bathroom suppliers, we are proud to…

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Maximise the Space in Your Kitchen

Posted on: 25th September 2014 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

If your kitchen is small, it can sometimes feel cramped and you might be unwilling to spend time there. However, with a little planning and creativity it is possible to make your kitchen look and feel bigger. Here are some easy and effective ways to maximise your kitchen space and make the room feel larger than it actually is. Choose white Bright, white walls reflect the light and make the kitchen feel spacious. Painting the walls white can make your kitchen feel bright and full of light as well as giving it a fresh atmosphere. Choose white cabinets and countertops to…

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Bedroom Space Saving Tips

Posted on: 9th September 2014 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Your bedroom is a retreat where you can escape the stresses of the outside world and relax. It must be a calm and tranquil space, free from clutter and mess to give you total peace of mind. There are countless space-saving tips and techniques which utilise unused areas in the room with the help of additional storage and clever positioning. This article will describe just a few of the most popular ways you can save space in your bedroom, keeping the area tidy and free from clutter while steering clear of having to throw anything away. Shelving Make the most of…

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3 Types of Bath for Your Bathroom

Posted on: 29th July 2014 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

The bathroom is a space of tranquility and luxury, where you can retreat from the outside world and relax. The bath is a central feature of the room which delivers on style, practicality and quality for ultimate convenience. There is an extensive range of different types of bathtubs on the market today, some of which are designed for comfort, some for suitability and others for aesthetic appeal. Popular types include: – Clawfoot and pedestal baths – Recessed or alcove baths – Free standing baths – Corner baths – Whirlpool baths – Shower baths – Steel baths Whether you are looking to…

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3 Modern Kitchen Designs

Posted on: 11th July 2014 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Modern kitchen designs deliver on both functionality and style, offering an opportunity to express your personality and be bold with your choices. The kitchen is a social space filled with innovation and culinary creativity, which is why it is essential to make design options which suit you. There are so many ideas when creating a stylish and unique modern kitchen, but this article will focus on the top three modern kitchen designs which are popular choices among many today… 1. Curves The curvy trend is an extremely popular choice at the moment for modern kitchen designs, as it can transform a…

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