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Underfloor Heating add warmth and a touch of luxury to your home
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We can provide Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating can add warmth and a touch of luxury to your home, making tiled rooms, such as your kitchen or bathroom, much more pleasant underfoot. Here at Ebberns we specialise in supplying bespoke underfloor heating, ensuring you have a system that’s ideal for your home.

Our underfloor heating service is perfect for use in any of the kitchens and bathrooms you will find in our showrooms. Speak to any member of our friendly staff for details and they will explain how to bring the design you want into perfect harmony with our underfloor heating service. Our stockists of underfloor heating include the well-known and approved:

  • Uponor
  • Maincor
  • Floor Warming Company

Ebberns stock two main types of underfloor heating which work on two principles. We can design a system which enhances your current heating by adding a source of heat from underneath, creating a secondary heating system; or your underfloor heating can work as a sole source solution, so all your heat would come from this method, removing the need for radiators in that particular room. These systems can be either electric or water underfloor heating.

Water underfloor heating is based on a series of pipes connected to your boiler which circulate warm water throughout the floor space. The heat is more evenly distributed than a traditional wall radiator, meaning it can be run at a lower temperature, thus easing the pressure on your boiler. Contact us today.

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