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6 popular design styles for your fitted bedrooms

6 popular design styles for your fitted bedrooms

Decorating your bedroom can be a daunting task. Especially if you know what you like but don’t know how to ask for it. We’ve broken down the most popular bedroom design styles to help you understand what it is you’re looking for so you can create a space that reflects you.


Traditional design consists of key characteristics from various eras of decor and ties them together in an ordered and consistent way. Furnishings in a traditional home tend to be placed in predictable places within the room and the colours are often muted and warming. Soft, plush furnishings are a must, making the room feel like a safe cocoon. Traditional style has timeless appeal to those who enjoy luxury, comfort and order. A traditional bedroom design can be achieved through large, dark wooden fitted bedroom furniture, carpeted floor, and a statement bed. Walls can be painted a neutral colour or for a kitschy feel, a floral wallpaper will complete the look.


Modernism favours strong lines and neutral colours. Leather furniture adds richness whilst layering a fabric on top can add softness. Smooth stone or hardwood floors and lots of light are key features. Furniture is low and sleek so when decorating your modern bedroom choose a large, low bed with a leather headboard and bare floors broken up with a neutral rug. Declutter your room with a fitted bedroom – and remember, light and airy rooms can make your space look bigger and more minimalist.


Often confused with modern design, the contemporary infuses the simple, uncluttered and clean lined ideas of modern design with the 20th century sleek italian designs and sophisticated European furnishings. This look focuses on neutral colours, with heavy emphasis on the black/white contrast. Chrome and reflecting surfaces are favoured to create a crisp, clean finish. To achieve this contemporary design look in your bedroom, we’d recommend smooth, light wooden floors, plenty of built in wardrobes with sliding doors and under-bed storage to hide the clutter and create elegant and undisturbed lines.


The shabby-chic look is a great way to recycle old furniture and give a “pre-loved” item a new lease on life. This shabby-chic style for your fitted bedroom is comfortable and casual with a soft colour palette and delicate fabrics that are often faded or discoloured. Furniture is distressed or repainted and fresh flowers or floral patterns help bring the countryside into your bedroom. We recommend unfinished wooden floors or a pale cream carpet, stand alone bedroom furniture and exposed wooden beams, fireplaces, or any other architectural detail to complete this look.


Country style boomed in the 1980s when wealthy patrons adapted European court furnishings in ways that were more practical. Elegant yet comfortable, with muted colours and chunky patterns to emulate warmth. This country bedroom design can be sub-categorised by location. For instance, Tuscan country focuses more on earth tones, lots of plants, terracotta and copper whilst the French country focuses on iron furniture and warm colours.


The Eclectic is chaotic and creative, free and unruly. The key to this design style is not to simply follow one particular style, instead borrowing features from all styles and moulding them together to create something new. Or, even better, redefine the way common objects are used. It is easy to mistake eclectic for the undesigned, although this is not always the case. Eclectics pride themselves on being able to carefully select different materials, colours, shapes and textures and combine them to create something aesthetically pleasing. To create an eclectic fitted bedroom design style, start with neutral walls and floors and finish with interesting pieces of art. Bring the look together with unusual or unexpected patterns or fabrics. The eclectic, more than any other design style, requires a bespoke space.


No matter what design school you favour, our bedroom designers at Ebberns are committed to providing you a personalised experience to create a bespoke room to fit your needs. If you’d like our help in creating and designing your dream bedroom, please contact us today – we’ll be happy to help.



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