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6 Tips for Choosing Wall Tiles

6 Tips for Choosing Wall Tiles

Choosing a wall tile design is an important decision in the redecorating of any room, and with such a wide variety of materials, styles, colours and sizes available, it can be difficult to know which tile is best for you. To help you in your decision making, our expert tile team here at Ebberns have put together a list of some of things you should consider when thinking about adding kitchen wall tiles and bathroom wall tiles to your home.


If your wall tile is going to be used in the bathroom or around the sink in your kitchen, you will need to ensure that your tile selection is going to be water-resistant enough to withstand the environment. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a popular water-resistant bathroom wall tiles which are perfect for humid conditions.  Natural stone tiles, however, can be difficult to maintain in wet conditions, so it may be best to avoid these for bathroom use.


When we consider reducing the risks of accidents in our homes, we often consider adding friction to our floors to provide more grip, but many of us fail to consider the benefits of adding more grip to the walls. If you have young children or elderly relatives at home and are concerned about accidents in the bathroom, you may want to consider using small bathroom tiles or mosaic tiles to introduce more friction into the walls to provide grip, which can help prevent slips.


Durability is an important consideration for high-traffic areas, such as in the kitchen where frequent cooking, baking, cleaning and day-to-day life can cause all sorts of knocks and scrapes to the walls. When opting for kitchen wall tiles, think about how durable you will need your tile to be and the scratch-resistance of the material you are considering in order to ensure that your investment continues to look great for many years to come. Stone tiles such as marble and granite are incredibly durable, being able to withstand tremendous knocks with ease, and the grainy texture of the tile mean that any scratches that may occur will be less noticeable than on a smooth surface, such as glass.

Ease of cleaning

There are a number of considerations you should bear in mind with regards to the upkeep of your tiles, such as the chemical resistance of the material and the chance of mould growth. Natural stones are porous and won’t react well with most chemical cleaners, whilst mosaic and small tiles require a lot of grout which can develop mould and be more difficult to clean effectively. If you’re very hygiene conscious you might be best suited to glass tiles, which can be wiped clean easily with most cleaning products.

What shape and size?

The shape and size of your room will impact on the shape and size of the tile you should use. If you have curves in your walls, for example, you would be better off using small tiles as they can be manipulated to the shape of the curve much easier than large tiles. If space is a bit tight, large tiles can emphasise this and dwarf the room, so small tiles might be more suitable for smaller rooms.

Aesthetic appeal

Finally, consider how your tile will look in the room and which colours and textures will look more attractive with your existing decor. If you are choosing a more expensive tile, such as stone, you might want to consider a neutral palette to ensure universal appeal, especially if you want to sell your home in the future. If you are looking for a more striking aesthetic, why not consider using two varieties of tile to contrast the room and create a feature wall?

Ebberns’ range of high-quality kitchen wall tiles and bathroom wall tiles come in a vast array of designs and styles to suit any home personality. Both practical and attractive, our selection covers all the bases needed to ensure a tile choice that fits seamlessly into home life. Whether you’re looking to re-tile your bathroom, update your kitchen, or something even more adventurous, our team have the expertise to advise you on everything from colour choice to tile strength.

For more information on our products and services, get in touch today and we’ll be happy to deal with your enquiry.



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