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8 Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

8 Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2021

With the world at a standstill, fashion still moves forward – and that includes interior design. Coming out of 2020, most of us have a renewed hope for the future, not to mention lots of free time to get those home makeovers started. With a lot resting on 2021, let’s see what’s predicted for this new year in the world of interior design.


Interior Design Trends 2021: What’s On the Horizon?


Comfort is king

Home isn’t just home anymore. It’s also our workplace, school, restaurant and place to (virtually) hang out with friends. With many of us spending all of our time between the same four walls, we’ve seen a rise in people investing in their home through interior design and DIY projects, striving to make their property a comfortable, stylish place to inevitably spend lots of time in.

Big squashy sofas, comfy armchairs and plenty of blankets and cushions are a very literal translation of this trend. But the comfort of being surrounded by books or warm colours also plays into this, too. Every person will interpret comfort differently, but with home being the cornerstone of our lives at the moment, there’s no doubt that new interior design projects going forwards will seek to sew a strong thread of comfort through our spaces.

Comfortable home sofa Ebberns



Not everyone has a home big enough to cater for the new demands of the pandemic. If you have few rooms at your disposal, this next trend is for you. Looking to the future, there is expected to be a growing focus on multi-functional spaces that can serve several purposes at once. This may come in the form of smart storage or pull-out furniture. It may also include making use of those awkward nooks and crannies with custom-built desks, wardrobes or storage units. Tailor-made, fitted furniture is a very viable way of conjuring space from places you didn’t realise you had it, and can transform spaces to enable them to fulfil several purposes at once.


Wave bye-bye to minimalism

Boredom is a very real problem during lockdown living. As such, the long-standing trend for minimalist spaces could see a decline. Instead, we could see more decorative interiors and nostalgic family heirlooms taking pride of place on mantelpieces – helping create spaces full of intrigue and memory to occupy our minds.

This could also be reflected in colour schemes, too, with some households stepping away from muted hues and into louder, bolder colours. Wallpapers may also make a comeback, especially those with graphic prints or patterns.

Traditional home library Ebberns



One of the biggest expected trends on the horizon is cottagecore. Riding off the back of a rekindled interest in comfort, homeiness and nature, cottagecore seeks to incorporate elements of rustic, agricultural living into our home – regardless of whether we’re dwelling on a farm or in a high-rise flat. Floral patterns, old antiques, cosy textiles, copper taps and weathered furniture are all key elements of this new trend.

Cottage home design Ebberns



Cookie-cutter living may be a thing of the past, as people are channelling their creative energies into their homes instead of the past-times they used to spend it in. Fancy a kooky wallpaper? Or a bold, graphic rug? With very few visitors dropping round to judge, now’s the time to make your home truly your own space and express your personality – whatever that may look like. As mentioned before, custom-created furniture and pieces could play into this trend, too.

Living room with multicoloured rug Ebberns



As our population grows bigger and our resources grow thinner, sustainability is a trend that has been on the rise for quite some time and is only set to continue. Infusing your home with sustainable materials along with smart and creative upcycled pieces is a way to beautify your home while looking out for the needs of the future. Getting the kids involved in creating unique items for the home can also be a great way to enjoy craft projects together while also teaching them about the value of sustainability.

Home sustainability Ebberns


Bringing nature inside

Restrictions on travel, even to the next county for a walk, has revived a new appreciation and longing for the great outdoors. Experts predict that natural, earthy elements will become a key part of many homes. This could mean placing mood-boosting plants throughout your rooms, or refreshing your decor with grounded, earthy tones. In fact, dark green is set to be a popular colour in 2021, evoking the forest feeling that many of us may be missing.

Home plants Ebberns


The time is now

As we move into 2021, many of us have extra time on our hands and a flexibility of when we can receive deliveries and schedule services. Never has there been a better time to launch home projects and give our property that little bit of TLC – making it into a place that’s comfortable, truly our own and fulfils the many purposes now expected of it.

Clock on newspaper Ebberns


Looking to transform your bathroom in 2021? Since 1983, we’ve been serving homes across Hertfordshire and beyond by conceptualising, designing and installing unique bathroom interiors. Please get in touch with our friendly team at Ebberns to discuss your ideas.


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