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Bad bathroom habits you need to break

Bad bathroom habits you need to break

Everyone has their own bathroom habits, whether it’s your morning routine or a pre-sleep system. Whilst there are some habits which are healthy or harmless, there are some which are surprisingly wasteful or unhygienic. Let’s take a look at some of the bad bathroom habits which you would do well to break.

Not washing your hands properly

Although it is common to despair about those who forgo washing their hands altogether after using the bathroom, few will give much thought to how well someone has washed their hands. Rinsing your hands under the tap will not suffice when it comes to killing germs and bacteria. Make sure that you wash thoroughly, lathering up the entirety of your hands, rinsing, and drying.  

Sink and towel rack

Leaving towels lying around

Damp towels can be an ideal home for mould, mildew and bacteria. If you leave towels crumpled on the floor, or even just hanging on hooks where folds can occur, you can inadvertently trap moisture and be left with a bacteria breeding ground. To properly dry out your towels, spread them across a towel rail or radiator to eradicate all dampness.

Leaving the tap running when brushing your teeth

Leaving the faucet running whilst you brush your teeth isn’t harmful per se, but it is wasteful. The water wastage per teeth clean may not seem like much but this accumulates over time. This is a surprisingly common habit too, so imagine how much water could be saved every day, month, or even year, if everyone just turned off the tap!

glass bathroom shelf

Keeping makeup in the bathroom

A bathroom with good lighting makes for a perfect place to apply makeup. However, don’t be tempted to leave your cosmetics lying around in there or you run the risk of bacteria making your makeup home. Store your makeup outside of the damp bathroom and make sure you clean sponges, brushes, and other applicators regularly.

Holding on to your loofah too long

Another item in the bathroom which can be susceptible to mould and germs is your loofah. Dead skin cells and a consistently damp locale create the perfect storm for bacteria growth. Try to wash off your loofah after you’ve used it and firmly wring it out. Finding somewhere dry to store it, rather than in your shower where it will constantly get wet, can also help to deter mould. Even following these good habits, you should still replace your loofah roughly every month.

Spending too long in the bathroom

How much time ‘too long’ is, is of course relative. However, if you find more often than not your significant other or housemates calling for you to stop monopolising the bathroom then you may be spending too much time in there. Whilst many people enjoy a hot shower to unwind, spending a long time in there can in fact be bad for your skin. If you notice your skin is becoming dry, scaly or itchy, try cutting down your shower time and cooling down your water temperature a bit.
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