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Bathroom Flooring: Which One to Choose

Bathroom Flooring: Which One to Choose

Following on from last month’s article, Kitchen Floor Tiles: Which One Shall I Choose?, this month we’re looking at the best tiling options for the bathroom and the advantages and disadvantages of each one, allowing you to make a more informed decision about which tile would best suit your room.


Ceramic is one of the cheapest hard bathroom floor tiles, and it is waterproof and looks attractive. Available in many shapes and sizes, you can build up a flooring design that’s individual to you. However, ceramic tiles have some downfalls; it is cold and slippery, and the grout can develop mould if not properly maintained. You can overcome these problems by using a textured surface and sealing over your grout – you can even tackle the coldness with underfloor heating for a really luxurious bathroom.


Slightly more expensive than ceramic, porcelain bathroom tiles are available in an infinite range of colours and patterns, and because the colour runs right the way through the tile, any chips that may occur are significantly less noticeable. Porcelain is also denser and less porous than ceramic, making it harder and more water-resistant than its cheaper counterpart. Porcelain tiles are very hardwearing and offer a hygienic and easy to clean bathroom surface. Something to bear in mind, however, is that the floor will be very cold and firm in winter months which may be uncomfortable and can be a slipping hazard.


Possibly the most popular choice for bathroom flooring, vinyl bathroom flooring is very affordable and available in a wide range of colours and patterns. Gone are the days of cheap looking, stickyback vinyl, instead replaced with sleek looking tiles that can replicate wood and stone designs for a fraction of the price. It is softer and warmer underfoot than other tile options, so provides a more pleasant experience than stepping onto cold hard floor in the middle of winter. Water-resistant and hardwearing, this vinyl bathroom tiles can last for years to come. The surface can be penetrated by sharp objects and grit, and will require regularly sweeping and mopping to prevent the surface becoming grimy and developing mildew in corners. Also, you need to lay a subfloor for this tiling as it is very thin and will need a perfectly flat surface to sit on. If you’re building a luxury bathroom, vinyl may not be the best option for you, but it can certainly emulate the feeling at a fraction of the price.


Undoubtedly the most expensive flooring option on this list, Granite is a great natural stone option to implement in your bathroom because of the host of benefits it boasts. Elegant and timeless, granite bathroom flooring can make any room feel expensive and luxurious. Hardwearing and robust, granite can withstand tremendous force without damage and, although granite is porous, the surface can be sealed to prevent water damage and make it safe to use in the bathroom. The surface of granite bathroom flooring will require very little maintenance and will guarantee to look stylish and new for a lifetime, making it a worthwhile investment that can actually increase the value of your home.

Ebberns bathroom floor tiles are made from the finest natural and man-made materials, ensuring a luxurious appearance and a long-lasting product, Our extensive range is displayed grouted to allow you to fully visualise the finished look, and our advisors will always be on hand to offer you the best advice and guidance to select the right material for your home decor. Whether you’ve already chosen your tile or are still weighing up your options, Ebberns can help. Find directions to our showroom here, and we’ll do the rest.


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