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Bespoke Office Design Ideas

Bespoke Office Design Ideas

Whether you work from home or simply want a structured space to take care of paying the bills, checking over contracts and storing paperwork, a home office is a fantastic addition to your property. When designing your home office, getting the balance between functionality and aesthetics can be challenging, which is where our expertise comes in handy. We’ve put together some design ideas to bear in mind when considering the layout of your home office.


Key to designing a functional home office is creating enough storage space to keep all of your files and documents organised and out of sight. Make sure you plan to have enough drawers, cabinets and shelving to neatly store everything you want to be in your home office. Opt for built-in units and multi functional furniture, such as desks with built-in storage, to keep the design looking sleek and professional. If you have a wide collection of books, ensure you incorporate a nice bookcase into your design to organise your collection, and you can use it as a feature piece in your room and display your books.


Avoid cluttering your workspaces with ornaments or decorative knick-knacks, especially if you’re already working with a small space. While these decorative touches can be pleasant in other rooms, you’ll find that they can be a nuisance in a functional room like an office, and can distract from the focused workspace you’re trying to create. Your home office will look much more designed by opting for a minimalist approach to decor, focusing on block painted walls and well designed furniture to make an impact.

Maximise space

No matter the space you have in your home, you can use bespoke fitted furniture to create a home office anywhere. Whether it’s tucked under the stairs, hidden away in a cupboard or in the corner of a room, measuring the space you have and designing your furniture to fit perfectly into the dimensions means that you can create a functional workspace anywhere in your home. Bespoke desks and units allow for much more flexibility than ready made units, and can be altered to provide the storage and desk space you need with the room you have, rather than only being available in standard shapes and sizes that may not work within the space.

Use sketches

Once you have a design idea in mind, it’s a good idea to see sketches of the final layout to ensure you’re happy with how the finished space would look. Our design team use CAD to create life like images of the office decor we can create, meaning that you can confirm you’re happy with your new home office before it has even been installed!

Consult experts

The expert advice of a design team, like ours here at Ebberns, will be key to producing a high calibre and professional looking home office, so ensure you contact a professional for a consultation on the best home office design for you.


Ebberns specialise in home offices, designed and built with you in mind. We stock a range of stylish and versatile office furniture to suit any taste, and our design team will be on hand every step of the way to help you in creating a functional and beautiful home office bespoke to you. For more information on how we can help you produce your perfect working space, contact us here. We cover the areas of Hemel Hempstead, Watford and surroundings.


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