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5 benefits of bathroom wall tiles

Posted on: 26th November 2019 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

If you are renovating and need to decide on the best material for your bathroom walls, then tiles may be the answer. Tiles are ideal for bathroom walls because they are water-resistant, long-lasting, and easy to maintain. We have detailed their other advantages below so you can make an informed choice.    1.) Variety of designs Tiles are especially suitable for redecorating because they come in such a wide range of designs. You will be able to choose the style which perfectly matches your home, anything from funky and mismatched, to modern grey and white. Tiles are also available in a…

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Tile inspiration from around the world

Posted on: 27th March 2019 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

  Tiles are ubiquitous around the globe. No matter which country you visit, you’re bound to find areas adorned with decorative tiling. But though tiles themselves are a commonality between countries, the styles and design they bear are not. Many factors, including diverging cultures and innovative manufacturing methods, have contributed to tile designs that have become synonymous with the country from which they originated. Chinese tiles, Moroccan tiles and Spanish tiles, just to name a few, can instantly be recognised by their distinctive style. This article is going to explore some of the most unique tiles from around the world. We’ll…

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Porcelain vs ceramic tiles: what is the difference?

Posted on: 15th November 2018 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

  Porcelain and ceramic tiles are both popular options when it comes to designing chic and practical spaces, from your ensuite wet room to a hotel lobby, but many don’t know the difference between them. Some purport that there is a world of difference between ceramic and porcelain, others use the terms interchangeably – so, what is the difference between the two types of tile? We’ll be unpicking the unique attributes of both here.   How are tiles made? Ceramic tiles are made from brown, red or white clay which is shaped and then fired. A glaze is generally then added…

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Is tile flooring for you?

Posted on: 31st July 2018 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

  Tile flooring is a versatile and sophisticated choice for any room of the home, although it is most commonly found in bathrooms. With a incredible variety of styles and designs available, tiles can meet the tastes of any homeowner whilst also offering a durable and low-maintenance flooring option. If you are considering introducing tile flooring into your home but don’t yet know if they’re for you, we’ve put together some benefits and drawbacks of the material to help you make your decision.   Pros of tile flooring Durability: tiles are a strong and durable choice meaning that you can expect many…

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What are the different types of tiles?

Posted on: 12th December 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Tiles are an exceptionally versatile form of floor covering and surfacing. Not only do they offer fantastic aesthetic variety, they are also durable and eco-friendly when compared to alternatives. Although tiling is most commonly found in bathrooms, it is increasingly being used throughout the home as a stylish and hypoallergenic flooring choice. Whether you are considering tiles for kitchen splashbacks, hallway flooring or an entire wetroom, one of the biggest decisions will be what kind of tiling you want. Here are some of the main different types of tiles to choose from.   Ceramic Ceramic tiles have been used for a…

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The benefits of tile flooring

Posted on: 29th September 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Tile floors are an attractive option which can complement and enhance any style of room, from minimalist dining rooms to rustic kitchens and nautical bathrooms. Their adaptability and aesthetic appeal have helped them maintain popularity over time, and for good reason. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing tile flooring for your home.   Longevity Tiles are a strong and hard-wearing flooring option. Their resilience makes them ideal for high traffic areas and you won’t have to worry about them getting worn or shabby looking, as you would with carpet or laminate, for example. Tiles are, in…

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How to clean your bathroom tiles

Posted on: 20th April 2017 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Cleaning your bathroom is a task few people look forward to. However, to keep the space looking fresh and inviting it is important to tackle the grime that a room often filled with moisture inevitably brings. The longer you put off a good clean, the more dirt will build up and the harder the clean will eventually be. It is likely that bathroom tiles will be a large feature in the room and therefore can vastly influence the look of the whole space – if the tiles look grotty, your whole bathroom will suffer and, conversely, sparklingly clean tiles can lift…

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6 Tips for Choosing Wall Tiles

Posted on: 21st January 2016 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

Choosing a wall tile design is an important decision in the redecorating of any room, and with such a wide variety of materials, styles, colours and sizes available, it can be difficult to know which tile is best for you. To help you in your decision making, our expert tile team here at Ebberns have put together a list of some of things you should consider when thinking about adding bathroom wall tiles to your home. Water-resistance If your wall tile is going to be used in the bathroom or around the sink in your kitchen, you will need to ensure that your…

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Bathroom Flooring: Which One to Choose

Posted on: 21st December 2015 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

This month we’re looking at the best tiling options for the bathroom and the advantages and disadvantages of each one, allowing you to make a more informed decision about which tile would best suit your room. Ceramic Ceramic is one of the cheapest hard bathroom floor tiles, and it is waterproof and looks attractive. Available in many shapes and sizes, you can build up a flooring design that’s individual to you. However, ceramic tiles have some downfalls; it is cold and slippery, and the grout can develop mould if not properly maintained. You can overcome these problems by using a textured…

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Inspirational Tiles – Bathroom Tiling

Posted on: 28th November 2014 • Posted by: Ebberns Team Posted in:

The hygienic and water-resistant qualities of tiling makes it an ideal choice from bathrooms in both domestic homes and commercial properties. Their fresh appearance and easy to wipe surface makes bathroom tiles a stylish, low maintenance option. Furthermore, tiles can add value to a bathroom and offer some unique finishes which other materials, such as wallpaper or paint, cannot match. From ceramic or porcelain to travertine or slate, bathrooms can accommodate all types of tile designs to complement the surrounding decor. Our experts at Ebberns have put together a list of a few creative, stylish examples of bathroom tiling to inspire…

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