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Choosing a Shower for Your Bathroom

Choosing a Shower for Your Bathroom

Typically, bathrooms and en-suites are the most important room in any home, yet they also tend to be the smallest. As a result, many people consider it to be a space used purely for practical purposes and overlook just how much they could do to utilise this room. With the right design, the bathroom can be a space all about relaxation, luxury and style.

Style and Practicality

Choosing the ideal shower for your bathroom is all about balance between style and practicality to ensure it complements the rest of your bathroom design while catering to all your washing needs. We all want a sizeable shower head that instantly drenches us in fresh water of just the right temperature, so the first thing to do before installation is to check your plumbing system matches your new shower to avoid any risk of disappointment. Common problems include showers which produce a rather embarrassing trickle, spray out scalding water or disappear altogether when the toilet is flushed, so it is important to research which of the following systems you have so you can select the correct shower system for you:

– Gravity systems
– Mains pressure systems
– Combination (Combi) Boiler systems

Shower Heads

The next step is to choose the perfect shower head tailored to your needs. There are five main types:

– Handheld
– Handheld on a slider rail
– Fixed (mounted on a wall)
– Ceiling mounted
– Shower combined with a series of body jets

Shower Trays

In addition to the shower head, a good-quality shower tray is also an essential part of the shower so it feels luxurious rather than functional. Resin or ceramic are popular materials to use for the tray as they are renowned for their durable and stable qualities, but there are also a variety of alternatives, including marble and slate.

In a larger room, it is worth considering installing a wet room-style shower, in which you can choose for the water to drain directly into the floor or into a large, low shower tray. There is an extensive product range providing suitable wall and floor coverings for different wet room designs, with stone being the most popular material of choice due to its robust and waterproof qualities. If you do decide to install a wet room, make sure you enlist the professional help of a specialist bathroom designer as the drainage and waterproofing of the room needs to be 100% correct.

Shower Enclosures

A separate shower enclosure is a popular choice for many bathrooms across the country as opposed to a shower-over-the-bath option. They are made up of panels, a door and a shower tray, all of which are available on the market if you feel like undertaking a DIY job! A similar alternative to this is a walk-in shower which usually features just one glass panel separating them from the bathroom with no door so, as with wet rooms, all walls and floors must be fully waterproofed.

Despite often being considered second best to enclosures, over-bath showers are the most suitable option for many bathrooms, especially those not large enough to fit a separate enclosure, or in households with young children. To complement the rest of your stylish bathroom, forget a damp, stained shower curtain and opt for a sleek frameless glass shower screen instead.

Electric Showers

Electric showers have a bad reputation for having a far lower flow rate than a mixer shower. However, this option proves to be more cost-effective compared to its alternatives as they tend to be less expensive and are also economical in terms of water usage. Many of the more expensive models on the market today feature integral pumps with the aim of improving the flow rate and, in turn, becoming a more popular choice. They are also available in an extensive range of great designs, so they deliver style as well as practicality.

With over 35 years’ of experience, Ebberns specialises in offering a bespoke home interior design service for both home owners and tradesmen at highly competitive prices. We are on hand from start to finish, from your initial visit to our showrooms and consultations through to survey service and installation. Our extensive range of products and designs means we can cater to all requirements and provide superior quality products for high performance. Our team of experts have the knowledge and expertise to tailor their services for any job, guaranteeing first class customer service. So for further information or advice about any of the products or services we offer, don’t hesitate to get in contact with our friendly team today.


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