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How to clean and maintain a shower head

How to clean and maintain a shower head

The shower is a place to relax and freshen up in the morning. But did you know, if your shower head isn’t clean, you may also not be getting as clean as you think? Studies have shown that dirty shower heads can hold harmful bacteria, some of which can spread disease and cause health problems. 

Not only this, but excess limescale and dirt can also cause blockages, disrupting the water flow and making the shower less effective at its job. 

So, for a cleaner, healthier start to your day, consider giving your shower head a little TLC. In this article, we explore how to clean and maintain this often neglected area of your bathroom. 

How to clean a shower head

If you haven’t touched your shower head in a while, it may be wise to start off with a deep clean. 

NOTE: Do not use the below method if your shower head is made of brass or nickel, as the vinegar could result in discolouration. Instead, stick with a specialised cleaner for these materials or simply hot, soapy water. 

  1. First, wipe over the holes with a scrubbing sponge or wipe to get rid of the most obvious bits of grime. 
  2. Next, give your shower a deep clean to remove grime build-up or limescale. Mix white vinegar and water together in equal parts. If your shower head is detachable, place this solution in a bucket and then submerge the shower head. If your shower head is fixed, pour the solution into a plastic bag or freezer bag, and tie this bag around the shower head so the holes are completely submerged. 
  3. Leave this to soak in for over an hour to offer a deep clean. 
  4. At the end of the hour, remove the shower head from the solution and give it a wipe. If there are any stubborn bits of limescale or grime remaining, use an old toothbrush to dislodge these. After scrubbing, remember to rinse off. 
  5. Finally, reattach the shower head (if you were able to unattach it) and run the water to loosen up any remaining particles. 

How to maintain a shower head 

  1. Prevent your shower head from becoming unhygienic in future by giving it a monthly dose of maintenance. This could be as simple as spraying it with a shower cleaner, perhaps a vinegar-based one created at home, and then a quick scrub with a toothbrush. Always finish by wiping off any excess solution and then running the water. 
  2. To prevent limescale build up, give the shower head a quick wipe to clear it of water after every shower. 
  3. Spot any early signs that it may be clogged, for example, if the water is not running as well as it should or the water is spraying in odd directions – these could all indicate a build-up or blockage. 

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