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How to keep your bathroom tiles clean

How to keep your bathroom tiles clean

Once you’ve worked up the courage to give your bathroom a thorough, deep clean, it is understandable that you will want to keep it pristine for as long as possible. Our top tips for keeping your bathroom tiles clean for longer are:

1 – Use a water repellant
2 – Use an extractor fan, or open the window
3 – Clean up mess as you go along
4 – Carry out a quick, post-shower clean
5 – Hang up towels

These small and simple everyday tasks can be a huge help for maintaining a clean bathroom. Here’s some more detail for how to effectively put these tips into practice in your home:


1) Use a water repellant

Once you’ve cleaned your shower, using a water repellant on the shower walls and door can be a great trick. Water repellants – for example, Rain-X – will help the shower water to easily run off surfaces, leaving fewer droplets behind which can encourage damp and become annoying water marks.

2) Use an extractor fan, or open the window

Mould and mildew thrive in damp environments which is why they can often be found in bathrooms, more than other rooms of the house. A bathroom extractor fan is designed to pump out the damp air, caused by your shower, to stop it settling in the room and promoting mould growth. Make it a habit to turn on the extractor fan before your shower, and leave it on until about 30 minutes afterwards, to banish moisture. Without a fan, merely opening a window can also be an effective measure.  

3) Clean up mess as you go along

If you neglect to clean up mess as and when it happens, it will only be harder to remove later on. Most bathroom mess will dry over time, leaving you with stubborn residue which takes some elbow grease to remove. Splatters of hair product and shower gel, tracked in dirt, soap scum, and much more, can all be washed away quickly and easily when tackled immediately.  

4) Carry out a quick, post-shower clean

The frequency that a shower is used means that it is liable to getting dirty quite quickly. It is, therefore, in your best interests to carry out some quick tasks post-shower to stave off a big clean. Spending a minute or so carrying out cleaning tasks post-shower will save you much deep-cleaning time in the long-run!

Examples of these simple cleaning tasks include lifting hair from the plughole, rinsing down tiles and shower doors, using a squeegee to remove water from walls and doors, and potentially drying them off with a towel too. If you have a shower curtain, make sure you spread it out post-shower so it can dry out fully. Removing soapy residue and moisture from your shower and tiles will help prevent mould growth and dirt from setting in.

5) Hang up towels

Super simple and quick, hanging up your wet towels will help them dry and reduce lingering moisture. No one likes to have to use a damp towel, and persistently wet materials can make the whole bathroom begin to smell of damp. Additionally, tiled floors will be more susceptible to mould growth if they are regularly covered with damp towels.


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