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How to save space when downsizing

How to save space when downsizing

Moving to a smaller home and wondering where to put everything? The truth is, downsizing doesn’t have to mean sacrifices. In this article, we’ll be sharing some simple tips and tricks on how to save space when downsizing.


7 ways to save space when downsizing


Do you really need it?

The first stage should always be an old-fashioned clearout. Ideally this should be done before you move – there’s no point in hiring out a bigger removal van for lots of stuff you’re going to discard the minute you reach your new home. 

Go through your belongings and decide if it still serves a purpose to you, whether practical or sentimental. If it’s gone untouched or unappreciated for months, it’s probably worth getting rid of. See if any of your friends or family will take it off your hands. Also, charity shops will always welcome your possessions if they’re in good nick, and if not, bring the items to your local recycling centre – throwing stuff in general waste should always be a last resort.

Cardboard boxes Ebberns


Rotate decorations

You don’t have to display every single picture or trinket you own all at the same time. After all, clutter is the enemy of space-saving. Instead, swap out decorations to freshen up your home with each new season – it will also make you notice and appreciate these treasures much more, lest they blend into the background with time.

Home decorations Ebberns


Innovate with fitted furniture

Cramped corners and awkward angles don’t have to be wasted space. With bespoke fitted furniture, you can transform areas that seem like a lost cause into real, usable space that works for the dimensions of your property.

For example, wardrobes can be built into sloping-roofed loft spaces or beds can be specially crafted to cater to the dimensions of your bedroom. Fitted furniture is a truly stylish way to utilise every scrap of space so that your small home stays spacious, functional and ultra-modern.


Smart storage

If your home is on the smaller side, you need to get clever with storage. As mentioned, fitted furniture is a godsend and can also cover storage areas, such as shelves, bookcases and wardrobes, all of which can be made-to-measure for your home.

Also consider multi-purpose furniture, for example, a stool-cum-storage box, a pull-out sofa bed or a coffee table with drawer space. When you start browsing, you’ll be surprised at just how much smart storage and double-use furniture is available to you.

Smart storage Ebberns


Let your walls do some work

While you’re not aiming for cluttered walls, if you have lots of wallspace to spare, they are great usable space for shelving, hooks, hanging storage or even for your TV to bypass the need for a stand. The same goes for the backs of doors or the insides of wardrobes which are great places to hang pocket shoe storage.

Wall space Ebberns


Go vertical

Take inspiration from NYC and make use of the often neglected high-up spaces. Rather than spreading out horizontally across the room, consider whether you can extend a shelf or picture gallery up vertically – it may even make your room appear taller.

Vertical wall space Ebberns


Illusion is powerful

Alongside practical ways of saving space, you can also employ some decoration tricks to make your home seem bigger than it is. Lighter colours and large mirrors are a classic interior design strategy to give the illusion of space and depth to a room, while darker shades and heavy decor will have the opposite effect.

Illusion interior design with light shades Ebberns


Want to know more? Simply get in touch with our friendly team – we’re happy to serve customers across Hemel Hempstead and beyond.


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