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How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

How to Turn Your Bathroom into a Spa

Although most things in your bathroom are there by necessity, that doesn’t mean that they have to be boringly designed, or that they must only serve a single and unexciting purpose. Instead, you could get creative with your bathroom renovations and design to create a spa-like experience in your home. Here, we’ll be showing just how that can be achieved.

Install Faux Wood Tiles

Although wood isn’t necessarily great at dealing with moisture, nowadays we have a modern alternative that deals with it very well: faux wood. Installing faux wood tiles in particular in your bathroom can evoke the sense of a spa. These tiles mimic the look and texture of wood, but are actually made from materials such as porcelain. With a variety of styles on offer, you can create any spa design you desire.

Clear Toiletries Away

A messy bathroom is not one that feels like a spa. Either bring in a number of cupboards and keep all of your toiletries tidied away inside them, or think about binning any unnecessary toiletries. If you do decide to get rid of a handful to tidy things up a bit, you could then also go out and purchase brand new, spa-like toiletries as a treat, too!

Massaging Shower Head

If there’s one thing that springs immediately to mind when thinking about spas, it’s massages. While you may not be able to afford a private masseuse, you can have the next best thing: a massaging shower head. These larger shower heads have an increased water output and, when combined with higher water pressures, can provide a massage-like feeling.

Dimming Lights

Atmosphere is of paramount importance in a spa, so you’ll need to achieve the right atmosphere in your bathroom, too. A great way to achieve spa-like ambience is to install dimming lights. These can help create a relaxing atmosphere in your bathroom.

Paint Your Walls an Earthy Colour

We feel most relaxed when we reconnect with nature – think how relaxed you feel when walking through the park, or even relaxing in your garden – so try to bring the natural feeling into your bathroom. Earthy colours can be especially relaxing; paint your bathroom with earthy colours to strike the bathroom/spa balance.

A New Bath

Odds are that if you’re looking to transform your bathroom into a spa, your current bath just wouldn’t cut it. Some bathtubs are more luxurious than others, with some having whirlpool functions that can provide a massaging feature. Smaller bathtubs aren’t suitable in your new spa-room, so consider investing in a larger bath you can enjoy and relax in.

There are a lot of things you can do to improve the look of your bathroom, but to achieve the best results whatever your design aspirations, you’ll need a firm you can rely on to deliver exceptional results, every time. For exactly that, be sure to give Ebberns a call.

Ebberns provide bespoke bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms to the Hemel Hempstead and Watford area and beyond. We also offer an expert plumbing service tailored to your needs; our 35 years of experience means we can always recommend the best bathroom designs for your home. To find out more, contact our friendly team today.


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