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Maximise the Space in Your Kitchen

Maximise the Space in Your Kitchen

If your kitchen is small, it can sometimes feel cramped and you might be unwilling to spend time there. However, with a little planning and creativity it is possible to make your kitchen look and feel bigger. Here are some easy and effective ways to maximise your kitchen space and make the room feel larger than it actually is.

Choose white

Bright, white walls reflect the light and make the kitchen feel spacious. Painting the walls white can make your kitchen feel bright and full of light as well as giving it a fresh atmosphere. Choose white cabinets and countertops to really maximise this effect and you can experiment by using different shades of white to create different effects.

Extra counter space

If your kitchen is particularly small, you might find it difficult to create elaborate dishes. Purchase a rolling cart that comes complete with a flat top that you can use as a flat surface to chop vegetables on and also wire baskets underneath to store kitchen equipment. You can roll this cart into the centre of your kitchen when you need it and store it against the wall or in a cupboard when it is not in use.

Maximise your storage space

Adding shelves and other types of storage to your walls can really help to maximise the space in your kitchen. If you have limited cupboard storage but plenty of wall space, why not think about putting in extra kitchen cabinets and rows of hooks? You can save a great deal of space by hanging mugs and kitchen utensils such as whisks and serving spoons from these hooks, creating a practical and stylish addition to your kitchen.

Fold it

If you use your kitchen to eat in, you can maximise space by opting for folding furniture. Stools, chairs and even tables can be folded and stored against the walls when they are not in use, providing you with plenty of room to move around the kitchen when you need to get creative.

Make your corners work for you

Maximise space in the corners of your kitchen by adding special racks and other shelving units. Racks that fit into the corners of the room are easy to find and you can use them to store plates, mugs and other items when they are not in use.

Rearrange your kitchen

If space is really limited, you might find that rearranging items such as the stove and cabinets creates the extra space that you have been longing for. Consider drawing up a plan of your kitchen so that you can experiment with putting things into different positions on paper to see where they fit best before you take on any heavy lifting.

Make full use of your space

Some kitchen units come complete with shelves fitted into the sides which can be used to store items such as cookery books. If your units do not come with shelves, you can easily fit them yourself for a very affordable price.

Using lighting

Certain types of lighting can make your kitchen feel brighter and, in turn, give the illusion that you have a lot more space. Try experimenting with desk light, which can be clipped onto the edge of cupboards and kitchen units so that they do not take up much space while providing you with plenty of extra light.

If you have been dreaming about renovating your kitchen to create a more stylish, functional space, look no further than the quality designs we offer here at Ebberns. From modern, contemporary ideas to classic, traditional designs, our extensive selection of expertly crafted products will leave you spoilt for choice! All of our designs are built to last so you can rest assured knowing that you will not have to waste any time or money correcting work in the future.

From removal and disposal of old units to plumbing and electrics, our specialist team are on hand from start to finish, offering a full and thorough installation service carried out to the highest standard. Simply give us a call or contact us online today for further information about any of the services we provide or for free expert advice.


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