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Signs it is time for a new bathroom

Signs it is time for a new bathroom

The bathroom can often be a room which is overlooked, despite the fact it is used every day. It should be a space which you enjoy to be in rather than just tolerate. As this can be a blindspot for many homeowners, we have put together some key signs that it is time for your bathroom to get a refresh.

Your needs are changing

If your bathroom no longer easily meets your requirements, it is a good time to consider a revamp. Common changes in circumstance are new additions to the family or reduced mobility through age. If your family is growing, you may want to install a larger bath or additional wash basin; older individuals may want to consider fitting a walk in shower or create a more efficient layout to increase ease of use.

Bathroom conversion built into the eaves of a house with roof windows providing light.

It’s outdated

Sometimes, a bathroom just starts to look tired and outdated as styles change. Small modifications, such as changing old fixtures and accessories, can help improve the feel of the room. However, grander scale improvements, such as painting the walls a new colour, changing the tiles or replacing an outdated bathtub, can all be ways to notably update and enhance the style of your bathroom.

Poor layout

It isn’t uncommon for bathrooms to have a poor layout which doesn’t make optimal use of the space. Especially in older properties, bathroom configurations may have been fitted with ease of installation, rather than usage, in mind. Examples of a poor layout could be having a cramped shower entrance or a toilet right next to the bath. An improved layout can make the space look a lot better and increase functionality.

Wear and tear

Generally, putting up with accumulating problems in your bathroom is not a good course of action and, in the long run, a remodel is greatly beneficial. A new bathroom suite is likely to be more energy efficient, reliable and can fit your individual requirements. Wear and tear can result in many problems if left unchecked; some are serious and damaging, such as leaks, and some are more frustrating, such as persistent mould. Installing a new suite provides the opportunity to fix any problems and create a new and improved space.

Improve utility

Many spaces can be improved by carrying out alterations to align them better with your needs. A bathroom can benefit from useful modifications, such as additional storage space, better lighting or a larger vanity unit. Updates such as these enable you to personalise your bathroom as much as possible.

If you feel that it is time to refresh or redo your bathroom, Ebberns offers a wide range of high quality and stylish options for you to pick from. Additionally, our experienced professionals can offer you sound advice and assistance for carrying out any bathroom updates. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch or visit one of our showrooms today to find out more.


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