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Tips on Lighting When Designing a Bathroom

Tips on Lighting When Designing a Bathroom

When designing a bathroom there are many considerations to be made, and many decisions you will be faced with to ensure you get the perfect bathroom you’ve always dreamed of. Bathroom lighting, however, is usually overlooked, with many homeowners failing to see the importance lighting can play in the design of any room. If your bathroom lighting is too bright then you can be left with a harsh, clinical looking environment, but too dull and you’ll struggle to see clearly when carrying out your daily care tasks.

Our team at Ebberns have decades of experience in designing beautiful and functional bathrooms for any home, and we’ve learned the best way to use lighting, both for functional purposes and to create a relaxing atmosphere, so we’ve put together some top tips for choosing the best lighting for your bathroom.


Safety and zoning

Firstly, you need to ensure that you are using safe lighting for the bathroom, and placing your lighting in the correct areas, as we all know water and electricity do not mix.

Bathroom bulbs come with IP ratings, which indicates the levels of protection the bulb has against both solid objects and fluids, so ensure you have chosen a bulb with an adequate IP rating.

Bathrooms are also split into zones depending on the levels of moisture in the area, so it is best to pair highly rated IP bulbs in zone 0, which is the most wet environment, and as the zone number increases your IP rating can decrease.

Task lighting

Task lighting refers to any sort of lighting you are using to give yourself enough light to carry out your daily care tasks, such as shaving, applying makeup or washing your face. This variety of lighting is usually used around the mirrors of your bathroom to give you a clear look at your face. There are a few options available to you for using lighting around your mirror, including:

  • Above the mirror: Having lighting above the mirror will minimise the amount of shadows created on your face, but you will need to use a diffuser for this method to work best, which will take up space above your mirror.
  • Beside the mirror: Putting lights on either side of the mirror will provide very even lighting for your daycare tasks, but remember to place the lighting directly at face height – this can be tricky if your family vary largely in height!
  • On the mirror: Having lights built in or attached to your mirror will reflect the lighting from behind you as well as providing lighting in front of you, so this is a fantastic option for smaller bathrooms or bathrooms with minimal natural lighting. This is also a very sleek, space saving method of adding task lighting so is a great idea for minimalist style bathrooms.

Decorational or ambience lighting

Once you have your task lighting in order, you can start to think about how you would like to use lighting to create an ambience in your room. There are many options you could employ to make your bathroom a more relaxing place, such as:

  • Dimmer switches: Allow you to reduce harsh lighting to create a relaxed environment
  • Coloured LED lighting: Works well in very modern bathrooms with dark colour schemes or with natural stone features
  • Back-lights: Emphasise key features of the room, such as an impressive bathtub
  • Spotlights: Works well to diffuse lighting and evenly light a large space
  • Floor lighting: If you have a large bathroom, floor lighting can emphasis the space and make the room look modern.

Consult an expert

The best tip we could give you to ensure you get the right lighting for your bathroom is to consult an expert. Not only is using electrics in a water environment a dangerous task, but getting the right levels of lighting for your room will be difficult, and the size, colour scheme and shape of your bathroom will bear an impact on the kind of lighting you will need.
Ebberns have over 35 years of experience in the design and installation of beautiful, high quality bespoke bathrooms. Our huge bathroom showrooms display fully integrated units such as shower enclosures, baths and bathroom furniture to allow you to fully visualise how the piece will look in your property, and with our dedicated bathroom design service you can be sure that your features and styling choices will work well together for a cohesive and elegant look.

With our comprehensive 3D drawings, we’ll ensure that your pieces will work in the space you have and guarantee a bathroom that is fully functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Get in contact today for more information on any of our services, we’ll be happy to help in any way we can. We cover Hemel Hempstead & Watford and the surrounding areas.


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