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Types of radiators

Types of radiators

Last month we discussed the different types of boilers out there on the market to help you make the most informed decision when it comes to your needs and home, and this month we’ll be discussing the variety of radiators out there on offer to you and the different qualities they possess so you can capitalise on the efficient heat your new boiler produces.

Flat panel Radiators

A flat panel radiator at its most basic consists of a single panel along which heat is delivered and dispelled into the room. You can improve its heat output by opting for a double panel radiator which will increase the output by 100%. However, overall the effectiveness of flat panel radiators to heat a room is not the best. One way to combat this flaw in flat panel radiators is to go for a more common radiator style: a convector radiator. Convectors are made by welding fins to the back of a flat panel radiator to generate movement of the heated air both over and under the radiator, making it far more effective at heating a room than your conventional single panel radiator. Again, convector radiators can be doubled up to increase their effectiveness.

Compact Radiators

With only slight differences to the above designs, compact radiators are for the most part akin to convector radiators but they also feature a grille on the top and end panels either side to hide the convector fins inside. The compact design is a very popular modern design with but one downside; because the grille locks the convector fins away inside it can prove difficult to dust, so over time the radiator’s insides will be caked in dust you may struggle to see to.

Designer Radiators

Increasingly popular nowadays are designer radiators, one subset of which are the towel rails most people install in their bathrooms. Where designer radiators fall short, though, is when it comes to actually heating a room. Designer radiators sacrifice efficiency for aesthetics, so you need to think carefully about whether or not designer radiators are really for you and your home, particularly if you’re elderly or have small children to worry about.

Low surface temperature Radiators

This design is ideal for those homes where the risk of someone burning themselves on your radiator is higher than normal, such as in those homes with nursery children or the elderly. These radiators produce the same amount of heat as other radiators such as the compact and convector radiators above, but they are encased in an outer case that remains lukewarm to the touch while internally the heat is being generated and dispersed as you’d expect.

Convector air heaters 

The final radiator design on our list is perfect for those homes with little or no space to spare. It can be placed under the cabinets in your kitchen, for example, and works much the same as other radiator types by heating itself up using the central heating system, but in order to warm the room rather than the cupboard above it these radiators feature a fan to blow the warm air out into the room. This means that they are a highly efficient heater and the warmth they provide can be felt right away. Likewise, in the summer months the heater can be altered to blow out cooler air, bringing the room’s temperature down.


Ebberns provide bespoke bathrooms, kitchens and bedrooms to the Hemel Hempstead and Watford area and beyond. We also offer an expert plumbing service tailored to your needs; our 35 years of experience means we can always recommend the best radiators and boilers for your home. To find out more, contact our friendly team today.




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