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Which bathroom design is best for you?

Which bathroom design is best for you?

Everyone needs something different from their bathroom. 

Whether you have young kids and prioritise safety, or you’re elderly and require decent accessibility, bathroom design should be tailored to meet your needs. In this article, we’ll explore how to create senior-friendly and child-friendly bathrooms. 


wet room bathroom with walk in shower and toilet


What bathroom design is best for me? 


How to Create a Senior-Friendly Bathroom

If you’re in the later years of life, you may find using baths, showers and toilets not as easy as it used to be. To make sure your bathroom remains comfortable and usable, here are some things you may wish to consider.

  • Opt for push-button or level-controlled taps: This will be easier to use than the traditional twist tap mechanism.
  • Consider a walk-in shower or wet room: If you’re finding the bath a little tricky to get in and out of, whether it be for a bath or a shower, then a walk-in shower or wet room is a stylish option – just a swing of a door and you can walk straight in and out with no trouble.
  • Install grab rails: If there are any particular areas of your bathroom that you struggle with, simply install a grab rail in that area to give you extra support.
  • Choose non-slip flooring: Browse through non-slip flooring options to reduce the likelihood of falls.
  • Good lighting: A well-lit bathroom can really help you move around a bathroom safely, so ensure the lighting design is suitable for the room.


How to Create a Child-Friendly Bathroom

Kids can add a little chaos into any situation, so that’s why it’s important that a bathroom is as safe as it can be for the little ones. Here are some things to think about: 

  • Easy-to-clean surfaces: Kids are not the tidiest people on the planet, so make sure it’s easy to clean up after them with wipeable, simple-to-clean surfaces such as tiling. 
  • Make it colourful: Children love colour, and while we’re not suggesting making the bathroom garish or multi-coloured, introducing a splash of colour can make it a room the kids will enjoy using. This colour can be included either on an accent wall or through the accessories you choose. 
  • Opt for non-slip tiles: Make sure your kids’ energy doesn’t get the better of them by choosing non-slip tiles or flooring to reduce the chance of falls. 
  • Avoid sharp edge: When considering kid-friendly bathroom design, it’s better to choose softer, curved edges for bathroom features rather than anything too sharp or metallic. 
  • Consider anti-scald mechanisms: Explore the option of having anti-scald taps installed to ensure your child is protected from boiling water. 


Seeking bespoke bathroom design in Hemel Hempstead, St Albans and Watford? Look no further than Ebberns, the region’s go-to bathroom design and installation experts. We listen carefully to client needs to create bathrooms that meet both personal tastes and functional requirements. To find out more, simply give our friendly team a call today.


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