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Which bathroom flooring is best?

Which bathroom flooring is best?

If you’re installing a new bathroom and are wondering which type of bathroom flooring is best, we have just the guide for you. This choice is particularly important now, as we move into the colder months, as you’ll no doubt be looking for flooring that offers a triple threat of quality, warmth and longevity.

So let’s explore the five main types of bathroom flooring to help you choose.

Axor bathroom



Cosy carpet may seem like a tempting choice for any area of the home. It may even seem like a logical option for generating warmth in this typically cold room. But is it really a wise choice? 

Pros of carpet

  • Very soft and comfortable underfoot, taking away from the chill of a bathroom
  • Adds a certain element of luxury and style to a bathroom
  • Should somebody fall over, carpet offers an extra dimension of safety

Cons of carpet

  • Is not waterproof and instead absorbs moisture, becoming damp easily and potentially resulting in the formation of mould and mildew. This can then lead to respiratory and skin issues
  • Difficult to keep clean and wash, making them a hygiene hazard for a germ-ridden zone such as a bathroom



Matki bathroom

As a classic choice for a bathroom, tile floors are a long-standing staple in bathrooms across Britain. Their customisation makes them suitable for many styles of bathroom, too. Let’s take a closer look at this option.

Pros of tiles

  • Beautiful and sophisticated appearance
  • Waterproof
  • Impervious to stains and spillage
  • Very easy to keep clean
  • Long-lasting and resilient
  • Can be cut to shape to fit your space
  • A wide range of colours, styles, materials and designs are available, making it simple to style a tile floor to the aesthetic of your bathroom. Here at Ebberns, we have a stunning range of durable tiles to suit any preference, and can offer samples and expert advice to help you find the right product for you

Cons of tiles

  • As a harder surface, tiles might not offer the comfort that you may be searching for
  • Tiles also tend to be quite cold, though when coupled with underfloor heating or other bathroom heating methods, this coldness can be offset somewhat
  • They can be slippery sometimes, so if people in your household are a little more unsteady of their feet, you may wish to opt for a textured tile to offer that little bit more grip


Lino and vinyl

Laufen bathroom

On the face of it, lino and vinyl flooring may look the same but there’s a few key differences. Essentially, lino is created from all-natural materials, such as wood and oil, while vinyl is crafted from synthetic materials. Both can be used in a bathroom, so let’s examine their pros and cons up close.

Pros of lino and vinyl

  • Water-resistant options are available, which are always recommended in a moisture-rich environment
  • Has a comfy cushioning effect underfoot, making for a softer surface
  • A wide range of patterns and designs available
  • Vinyl in particular is quite easy to keep clean

Cons of lino and vinyl

  • Spillages will require quick mopping up quickly if the flooring is not water resistant
  • Can be cold underfoot so it may need a rug or two to feel cosy
  • Could be slippery, especially when wet, leading to potential slip hazards


Hardwood floor

Matki bathroom

An ever-popular choice for home, hardwood flooring has a traditional appearance that works for many areas of the home. So, let’s explore what benefits and drawbacks it offers for a bathroom.

Pros of hardwood floor

  • Elegant and timeless appearance that’s sure to impress
  • Long-lived when properly taken care of
  • May be warmer than stone or tile

Cons of hardwood floor

  • Not waterproof so must be perfectly sealed against moisture or they will easily rot or develop mould over time. Re-sealing will also be needed in future, and fairly frequently too for a moisture-rich area such as a bathroom
  • Wood has a tendency to expand or warp in moisture-heavy environments, so it’s vital that you apply a proper finish to it to avoid this problem as much as possible


Underfloor heating

Bathrooms can get chilly, so give your space a touch of warmth and comfort in winter with underfloor heating. Pipes running below the surface will act to gently heat the floor underfoot to a comfortable temperature.

Pros of underfloor heating

  • Keeps a bathroom warm and cosy, making showers and baths a more pleasant experience in the winter months
  • Evenly distributes the heat around the room
  • Can be placed under a range of different bathroom floor materials – just check with an expert provider of underfloor heating, such as Ebberns, to find out where it can be laid.

Cons of underfloor heating

  • Depending on your individual situation, installing underfloor heating can require some adjustments to be made to floor height. Current flooring may also be needed to be lifted to install it underneath. This will be dependent on your personal circumstances, so just chat to a professional who advise you properly.


Searching for your dream bathroom flooring? Here at Ebberns, we’re a leading provider of bathroom floor tiles, underfloor heating and other types of flooring to suit all styles. We also offer complete design-to-creation bathroom creation to provide a bespoke bathroom that ticks all your boxes. To find out more, get in touch – or visit us at one of our stunning showrooms in Hemel Hempstead.


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